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Cade seriousness with old-fashioned look, carefully analyzed: Liu Zhi said ...... Pombo with Fan Ye, like the female students of this cowardly heart sympathy, in the past at school is clearly not like this, she often with Fan Ye and his jokes, laughter, such as beads, three of the very good relationship with her it is easy to make people feel happy. condition. This is also the reunion of her sympathy when Ye Fan the most important reason. that female students body trembling, gas speechless. Pomblongchamp nordstrom o was on fire, stare and said: Li Changqing point you can no longer wicked, but also can not find some reason, then poured some of the dirty water? LIN Jia very beautiful, tall and graceful, natural phoenix eye so she naturally charming temperament more than a wave, even though at the moment this atmosphere which, though she speak in a calm, but still somewhat enchanting and trapped inside. close, there are sholongchamp totes ts ...... no, I'm not subjective ...... Li Xiaoman very calm, face Jiao Mei, white jade, she frowned slightly and said: I did not for anyone, I just want to say, dare to kill the murderer, then it is not doing nothing, we now have very dangerous. murderer, I just tell a fact that he suspects ...... He turned his heavy head and said: I am really wrong about you in the past you decide things difficult to change, no one could persuade you tobloomingdales longchamp friends, but now I understand your character is not resolute, but unfeeling. Li Changqing gas turned away, until then he also badly battered in the colored altar when he was not a light beat Pombo. Pombo is a master would not suffer, and sometimes mouth indeed very toxic, and said: I called the fire with fire, to see people that were so, hell that nonsense, renowned toad, just a few spittle drown it! Fan Ye smiled and nodded her head. Fan Ye Linordstroms longchamp Xiaoman since swept him from the eyes, and then look to other people, then there are three students came forward and said: We believe Ye Fan did not kill anyone. Belts beginning to end, like a spectator, but then also made a choice, looked at the hands of God, Liu Zhi-hui flashing diamond treasure pestle, looked calm and composed Fan Ye, said: We can not jump to conclusions Who is the murderer, I believe Fan Ye will not kill classmates. Changqing displeasure, interruptinglongchamp baby bag her words, said: In addition he can Who, the presence of people who would kill us, who have that kind of mind? Pombo snappily, pay any attention to him, then turned around to see Lixiao Man, said: Why do not you speak, you should Fan Ye know much about it?