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murderer, I just tell a fact that he suspects ...... I really do not understand, you say it had never been seen graduating with Liu Zhi Laoyanfenfei, said bluntly that Liu Zhi dismissively dumped you, so you hate incredible. I have no other meaning, I'm just saying a fact only. Why do you think people are a Fan Ye killed. Pombo with Fan Ye, like the female students of this cowardly heart sympathy, in thelongchamp sale past at school is clearly not like this, she often with Fan Ye and his jokes, laughter, such as beads, three of the very good relationship with her it is easy to make people feel happy. Believe it or not, but you do have ...... I believe, I believe he ...... that I was talking about ...... I would like the piece of steel tabllongchamp outlet store et press in your face, this arbitrary, then you also said that export? Li Changqing gas turned away, until then he also badly battered in the colored altar when he was not a light beat Pombo. that female students body trembling, gas speechless. Li Xiaoman very calm, face Jiao Mei, white jade, she frowned slightly and said: I did not longchamp outlet store for anyone, I just want to say, dare to kill the murderer, then it is not doing nothing, we now have very dangerous. Devils, you really illogical ways of the world, obviously things have to do a demonstration like mathematical theorems like, a muscle! Cade seriousness with old-fashioned look, carefully analyzed: Liu Zhi said ...... That life is unhappy femlongchamp shoes ale classmates, her body thin, very weak, head down to go out, a bit nervous and uneasy. Lixiao Man around Cade stammered say such a word. no, I'm not subjective ...... Pombo was on fire, stare and said: Li Changqing point you can no longer wicked, but also can not find some reason, then poured some of the dirty water? Fan Ye face duties, calm waves, very calm, said: You may doubt me, but bilberry longchamp le pliage things are not thoroughly investigated before, please do not sullied directly to me. Changqing displeasure, interrupting her words, said: In addition he can Who, the presence of people who would kill us, who have that kind of mind?