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that female students body trembling, gas speechless. This is also the reunion of her sympathy when Ye Fan the most important reason. I have no other meaning, I'm just saying a fact only. Fan Ye pulled like a rush of Pombo, then the face of all people, serious and very serious, and said: I can tell you, the murderer is not any one of us. great. I did not say that he is ...... LIN Jia very beautiful, tall and grlongchamp retailers aceful, natural phoenix eye so she naturally charming temperament more than a wave, even though at the moment this atmosphere which, though she speak in a calm, but still somewhat enchanting and trapped inside. Pombo with Fan Ye, like the female students of this cowardly heart sympathy, in the past at school is clearly not llongchamp duffel ike this, she often with Fan Ye and his jokes, laughter, such as beads, three of the very good relationship with her it is easy to make people feel happy. How anxious now posted on him, for his drums to cheer up? Liu Zhi gloomy face, and said: Enough, Pombo you or a man do, say that these interesting? You ...... great ...... Even though you have brokelongchamp lm n up, but you can not be so unfeeling it, you want to Fan Ye's chest rubbed salt in it? Plus Liu Yiyi, Zhang Zailing, Pombo, all of a sudden there are six people standing on the side of Fan Ye, count in his own words a total of seven people, and now a total of sixteen people survived, Fan Ye who believe accounts for almost faster half the number of people. He turned his heavy hlongchamp tote large ead and said: I am really wrong about you in the past you decide things difficult to change, no one could persuade you to friends, but now I understand your character is not resolute, but unfeeling. fact. Yiyi sound weak, which makes it is a pity, cramped standing there. Belts beginning to end, like a spectator, but then also made a choice, looked at the hands of God, Liu Zhi-hui flalongchamp le pliage shoulder tote shing diamond treasure pestle, looked calm and composed Fan Ye, said: We can not jump to conclusions Who is the murderer, I believe Fan Ye will not kill classmates. Lixiao Man around Cade stammered say such a word. I say again, I did not kill.