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How anxious now posted on him, for his drums to cheer up? Just then a little nervous, almost timid voice of a small channel: Fan Ye me ...... not a murderer. suspect. Plus Liu Yiyi, Zhang Zailing, Pombo, all of a sudden there are six people standing on the side of Fan Ye, count in his own words a total of seven people, and now a total of sixtlongchamp outlet store locations een people survived, Fan Ye who believe accounts for almost faster half the number of people. that I was talking about ...... Lixiao Man slim, the phone against the backdrop of faint light, such as a fresh and beautiful lotus blossom frmedium longchamp agrance in the dark, she was as calm nature, gently opening: from the heart, I do not believe that the murderer Ye Fan, But now he does have a suspect ...... At this moment, the vast majority of people are standing on this side of the Fan Ye. Liu Zhi standing next to the female students alongchamp purple lso spoke again and said: Ye Fan how can you so cruel, that knew them, but out of the four students ah! devils? several times, what ...... I did not say that he is ...... Liu Zhi gloomy face, and said: Enough, Pombo you or a man do, say that these interesting? Why do you think people are a Fan Ye killed. I'mlongchamp le pliage medium tote too lazy to care about you! murderer, I just tell a fact that he suspects ...... What is ...... Vajra treasure in his hand a few small pestle filled with glow in the dark, particularly eye-catching, reminding everyone that it has an absolute deterrent, if a collision occurs, I am afraid that no one can fjeremy scott longchamp ight. Fan Ye people do not know, you do not know it? Pombo very angry, biting her name is heavy, interrupted her words, and said: You are really unsympathetic, I never thought you would say such a thing, who do not believe you can, you are not alone !