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I would like the piece of steel tablet press in your face, this arbitrary, then you also said that export? Pombo suddenly Dengqi his eyes, and said: What do you mean Rattus devils? At this time, Wang Ziwen came over, choose to believe Ye Fan. Lixiao Man slim, the phone against the backdrop of faint light, such as a fresh and beautiful lotus blossom fragrance in the dark, she was as calm nature, gently opening: from the heart, I do not belilongchamp las vegas eve that the murderer Ye Fan, But now he does have a suspect ...... Lixiao Man! Vajra treasure in his hand a few small pestle filled with glow in the dark, particularly eye-catching, reminding everyone that it has an absolute deterrent, if a collision occurs, I am afraid that no one can fight. Li Xiaoman very calm, face Jiao Mei, white jade, she frowned slongchamp tote large lightly and said: I did not for anyone, I just want to say, dare to kill the murderer, then it is not doing nothing, we now have very dangerous. Belts beginning to end, like a spectator, but then also made a choice, looked at the hands of God, Liu Zhi-hui flashing diamond treasure pestle, looked calm and composed Fan Ye, said: We can not jump to conclusions Who is the murderlongchamp boston er, I believe Fan Ye will not kill classmates. Believe it or not, but you do have ...... Pombo temper very red, not the most gas, angrily: some truth you speak good, when things have not concluded before, do not head buckle Shi Penzai first to say. What is ...... Cade seriousness with old-fashioned look, carefully analyzed: Liu Zhi said ...... Li Changqing angrily endless, said: Ye Fan addition to outslongchamp amazon ide, and who has a motive? I did not say that he is ...... I hope that some of the objective, rather than subjective Allusion fact Ye Fan suspect great, and the presence of other people also have some of the suspects. Fan Ye face duties, calm waves, very calm, said: You may doubt me, but things are not thoroughly investigated before, please do not sullied directly to me. Liu Zhi's face suddenly darkened, the force holdinglongchamps purses the diamond treasure pestle, approaching three steps forward! Lixiao Man around Cade stammered say such a word. fact. Pombo did not care, it is vital, said: I do not get this piece of glowing bronze plaque residues can still beat you!