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Even though you have broken up, but you can not be so unfeeling it, you want to Fan Ye's chest rubbed salt in it? Changqing displeasure, interrupting her words, said: In addition he can Who, the presence of people who would kill us, who have that kind of mind? Moreover, from the ...... Devils, you really illogical ways of the world, obviously things have to do a demonstration like mathematical thelongchamps outlet orems like, a muscle! Pombo very angry, biting her name is heavy, interrupted her words, and said: You are really unsympathetic, I never thought you would say such a thing, who do not believe you can, you are not alone ! Li Xiaoman very calm, face Jiao Mei, white jade, she frowned slightly and said: I did not for alarge longchamp nyone, I just want to say, dare to kill the murderer, then it is not doing nothing, we now have very dangerous. Fan Ye smiled and nodded her head. You ...... Lixiao Man slim, the phone against the backdrop of faint light, such as a fresh and beautiful lotus blossom fragrance in the dark, she was as calm nature, gently opening: from the helongchamp travel bag art, I do not believe that the murderer Ye Fan, But now he does have a suspect ...... Pombo temper very red, not the most gas, angrily: some truth you speak good, when things have not concluded before, do not head buckle Shi Penzai first to say. Yiyi sound weak, which makes it is a pity, cramped standing there. Right, attacking chickens! Liu Zhi's falongchamp purse ce suddenly darkened, the force holding the diamond treasure pestle, approaching three steps forward! Attack? Fan Ye Li Xiaoman since swept him from the eyes, and then look to other people, then there are three students came forward and said: We believe Ye Fan did not kill anyone. I'm too lazy to care about you! Pombo snappily, pay any attention to him, then turned around to see longchamp amazon Lixiao Man, said: Why do not you speak, you should Fan Ye know much about it? Cade foreigner puzzled, and said: I heard you say ...... not a murderer. This female classmate gas face white, body trembling hand point pointing Pombo.